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Originally Posted by kcquer
Use the small fridge for storing some of the "other stuff" that's smaller and will work in the dorm fridge, put the big bird in the big fridge.
Good point kcquer! I have mostly small stuff in the fridge - all those "refrigerate after opening" bottles.

Originally Posted by Leeper
I usually end up with a couple birds in 5gl buckets from Home Depot. Loaded up with ice and leave them in the garage.
To brine or to thaw? If you brine in those buckets, what do you put the turkey in? i.e., a monster-sized zipper plastic baggie?

Originally Posted by Leeper
Last year I ended up keeping one up wrapped in the beer fridge for 4 days to dry out the skin first.
Wrapped in foil?

Originally Posted by NorthernQ
After 24 hours brining there was still a little ice left and temps were safe throughout.
Will those thermometers w/ temp alarms measure that low? (to 40?)

Originally Posted by thirdeye
If you have never done a fresh turkey, you might want to give one a try.
Have been thinking about doing that, but here's the thing -- Am going to do a "test drive" and want the conditions to be the same as actual, and how do I really know I'll be able to get a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving? When you buy a fresh turkey, how many days should you cook it within? (I'm sure it partially depends on the turkey, but..)

Originally Posted by thirdeye
I brine in a covered plastic bucket too.
What do you put the brining solution in?
or... I guess if you have the fridge you don't need a separate container, and the bucket w/ brine + turkey goes in the fridge.
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