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Originally Posted by bbqgeekess View Post
I bought a nice 10 pound pork loin from Sam's Club earlier today, for $2.48/lb. (Btw, IBP pork butt has increased in price again. $1.59/lb for the case price, $1.98/lb for the 2 pack price.)

I am going to use half of it for Canadian Bacon.

I was wondering if I could get some recommendations on what I should do with the other half. I'd like to try a couple tasty recipes in addition to the bacon.

Well...I WAS bitching about the $1.59 case price here, but I would have lost my mind if I saw 1.98/lb per pair!!!!! It's 1.78 here and I started stomping and fussing as soon as I saw it. I picked up a couple packer briskets at 2.79/lb instead.
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