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Default Thanksgiving prep: Where do you thaw and brine your turkey?

I have turkey responsibilities this year, and have been reading the threads on turkeys with interest.

Where & how do you thaw and brine your turkeys if they don't fit in the fridge?

I know my main fridge won't fit that + everything else.

Seems like options are:

1) A cooler that I would keep putting ice into.

Would prefer not to do this because am concerned about not keeping it cold enough and then everyone getting sick... So I'd probably keep it so well iced that it stays frozen .

2) Another refrigerator.....

I have a small cube dorm-room-style fridge, but the inside seems to have too many non-removable things (the icetray freezer that hangs down, the power supply & motor for it that indents in from the back) that take up it's useful space. I really don't see a turkey fitting in there, especially if I want to have it in a container for brining.

I'm game for buying the right small fridge to use seasonally that would hold turkeys, and cakes (when my Auntie celebrated her 80'th birthday, the cake didn't fit either.) But they all seem to have extra features that keep them from having the "empty cube" space needed.
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