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your floor is the mainstay and your walls will flex, I have a double door true and if it
"turns over" then I have much bigger problems that will have to be addressed. I really do not want to put that type of load onto the walls. If you go to your trailer manufacture, see what they suggest, for me I will attach to the floor either through a cross brace or spreading the load with a fish plate, angle iron, flat stock or what ever, even my smoker which weighs in at1,900 is secrued to floor, stainless tables, to the floor, fridge to the floor, which I went through the 6 leveling screw holes. I do agree about the rocking factor and maybe an extra bracket for traveling, as the leverage exerted could pull in an emergency situation, however after three years, only once did the fridge doors open up..short stack has the idea with the floor flanges which are also availble in stainless which you could make what is called a tapping plate by transfering the bolt pattern to a larger piece which would be under the floor to attach to..just take your time and think on the best way to spread the load / stress to help eliminate pulling apart..
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