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Originally Posted by woodpelletsmoker View Post
I personally tested it before delivery.
Many have reported satisfaction.
You are the only exception
Can you describe your situation in detail in plain English for me to understand correctly
Wang- I figured out how to recalibrate the probes using an ice bath.
I believe you hold both the OK and the set buttons at the same time while both probes are in an ice water bath.

When I first got the unit while trying to unplug it the AC adapter snapped where the screws held the prongs to the the plastic case. I've taped it for now.

The link button flashes but no signal is being broadcast using the wifi code of hl-link as mentioned above. I tried searching on both an Apple and Microsoft device. I can't seem to find any random signal being tranmitted from the unit period.

The probe temps bounce around while the probes are held still. For instance I've seen them bounce between 32 f. and 62 degrees. 62 is the accurate room temperature. I've also seen it jump to the 85 even 114 degree temp also with in a five minute window again ambient room temp is around 62. I don't know if your using some type of smoothing logic in your temperature reading software but if I where you that is where I would look. This is the same on both probes. Please note this unit has yet to used in a really cooking situation as I do not trust it based on the randomness of the temperatures being reported.

You ask why people will pay more for the Thermowerks Blue Duo. The answer is reliablity, predictibility, yes it's more expensive but they work.

Your probes are great, best I've seen, but your electronics, user buttons, wifi connectivity and documention need work.

I hope my explanation contained enough detail.
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