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I finally decided to join brethren since I couldn't find a support contact email for this app :) Maybe I'll post more now! ANyway, I had a question which others probably have as well...

I was about to fork over the $10 (which seemed a bit high compared to the alternatives like bbq remote and pit pal) then read the user guide which is very nice and it said I have to have the app running in the foreground for all of this to work? And not go into sleep mode?!? If true, hopefully not, that is probably a show stopper for me

I was assuming it would run in the background and alarm me even if in sleep mode or im in a different app or checking email or whatever. Also, not sure that's good for the ipad and the screen leaving it on all the time is it? Also, while we have electricity at the cook area, I usually don't have it in my sleeping area (ie back of SUV ) at comps so not sure my ipad battery will last if it needs to be on all night.

In addition, does this mean it wont be charting stuff if the app is not running?

Sorry for all the questions and not trying to be negative as I really wanted this to work. But the key features to me are the temp alerts and charting (I can do everything else through the guru website) and if I have to run the thing 24/7 to work, not sure how realistic that is..

Any techy people know a workaround to fake an app running in background so this works?
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