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Default Brisket - Central Texas Style

So I just got my vasectomy done yesterday and have been cooped up with a bag of cold peas on my boys...time to start thinking about my Brisket cook on Saturday.

I bought a Prime 12 pound Brisket from Pat LeFrieda Meats, delivered today with ice packs, super cold...into the fridge it goes. One question about this cut, the marbling is outstanding but the flat side doesn't really have a fat cap to it. Question, for the future, I want to have that 1/4" fat cap right? I'll deal with this one as it cost me an arm and a leg but just wanted to know. I can't get any full briskets around here...all the butchers won't order or can't order Prime cuts for me.

I bought some Post Oak Chunks...those were delivered today.

I overnighted some 16 mesh Black Pepper and some Butcher I'm ready to rock and roll with the Bludawg Brisket instructions on my Big Joe Kamado Joe.

Kamado owners, how much oak chunks would you put into the fire box?

I'll start posting some pictures tomorrow!!! Can't wait, and my wife can't wait...she just got back from Austin and wants to see what I can do. She had some La Barbecue and Rudy's while she was down there and fell in love with the taste.
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