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Default Hello from San Diego

Just wanted to say Hello and introduce myself. I am very new to BBQ and have just started to discover the delicious yummy goodness of BBQ that I crafted myself. I've always loved (eating) BBQ, and I love to cook so it seemed to me like a good match.

I mostly like to cook for family and freinds (and for me of course!) but as I said I know very little about it, particular competition style. I've picked up a few minor bits of information here and there but I'm still learning. While I understand some terms such as Foil Wrapping (I think I saw it on a Pitmasters show once), I don't necessarily know when it is used, or how to do it correctly so bear with me if I am a little slow on the uptake.

From what I have seen lurking on the forums, you all seem like a fun crew and I hope I can learn a lot form all of you. If anyone can recommend a BBQ-101 to learn more of the basics, I'll be your bestest friend forever.

Thank you for your time and for letting me join your brethern!

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