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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Also, a bit of history, from the delinquent thread, but worthy of posting here since it also discusses rules and how you farkers should abide by them.

Originally Posted by buccaneer View Post
I checked a few dictionaries, and a food dictionary.
I'm a bit troubed.
These two sentences may...or may related.
Anyway, a "burger" must utilize a bun or a roll.
Otherwise, it isnt a burger.
OK now, seriously folks...

When I first read this I literally laughed out loud. The reason is truly a bit of Throwdown history that I assumed most remember, but perhaps none of you farkers actually know about.

So allow me to talk a bit about that.

The year is 2009. We are having a "Burger" Throwdown. This was before this here Throwdown forum existed. Back then I would post the threads in Q-Talk, with no mod powers whatsoever. It was simply a fun thing we did as fellow Brethren on this site to cook dinner and play a game as we'll.

THAT very exact definition was dropped on that thread partway through the gathering of entries.

It caused a stir then too.

What happened next is the reason we HAVE a separate Throwdown forum and no longer run this thing out of Q-Talk.

So the stage is set. The definition has been posted, but I haven't even seen it yet. People are already replying though and pouncing in all directions.

One of our members, I won't say the name but the initials were RTD got pissed about that and said that since he did not use a farking "bun" that he figures he is DQ'ed, gripes a bit, then yanks his photos out of his post, along with shooting me a PM about it being ridiculous that such a silly thing should nullify his burger.

Keep in mind that nobody had EVER been DQ'ed at this point, and I had zero intentions of DQ'ing his burger, or anyone ever (at that time).

So when I finally catch up on the thread I immediately have to do damage control. I send RTD a PM saying he is not DQ'ed but that unless he puts his photos back I can not put them in the voting thread. I also said something similar in the thread publicly. The last thing I ever heard from RTD was his reply to my PM, "Whatever".

RTD never came back. For a couple YEARS I thought it was because of the issue in the farking Burger TD. I learned later that he left for other reasons completely unrelated.

This is not the ONLY Burger debacle in TD history. But it was the FIRST burger related debacle.

In fact, it was because of this incident that Phil moved us into our own forum, and gave me moderator powers to help keep you hooligans somewhat in line. I was soon nicknamed Blackcopter Bigabyte because of my "supposed" heavy handed moderation of landarc.

Fast forward to today.

I see this EXACT same definition in the 2014 Burger TD. oh boy, the memories from that!

So I made my snarky remark about pulling my entry because that is EXACTLY the response that happened the last time.

Little did I know that buccs was trying to be serious.

I honestly can't recall him ever being serious much around here before.

So of course, with it being in the delinquent thread I laughed, thanked it, and replied with some of my finer quality douchebaggery.

We'll fark me silly and call me Shirley. Turns out this definition was dropped with real intent.

So, knowing that....


The OP spelled out the farking rules already, and all questions, from serious to douchebaggity were answered.

YOU guys don't get to call the shots.

Let me ALSO point out a TD RULE that has been violated.

If you find an entry to not follow the rules...

I'll let you farkers fill in the rest. If you don't know, then READ THE FARKING RULES!!!

For fark sakes, there are big red letters in every OP saying you and only you are responsible for knowing the farking rules and it is not the mods jobs to teach them to you, but to ENFORCE them.

Now then...back to our normal douchebaggery.
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