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Originally Posted by Curtc View Post
THANKS, Yes majority of my smoking/grilling will be on my Yoder, I just wanted to get something to have, so I can occasionaly get that chrcoal/wood smell on the deck, to throw a rack of ribs on to smoke, or to fire up a steak or or burgers. As I paid top dollor for my pellet smoker, just looking at an inexpensive option which involves charcoal/wood smoking.. The Akorn sounds like they way I'm going to go!!
Another thing you'll love about an Akorn is the cast iron grates- you'll get killer grill marks(flavor!) with these.
Not knocking the kettle(see my other post) but the wire grates IMO dont cut it for steaks and burgers. Yes CI grates can be purchased, but at upwards of $70 for the craycort grates and cost of kettle, that puts you up in Akorn price range. That's what helped my decision on an akorn(my kettle is a vintage one and was a gift).
You don't need to spend over $300 on an Akorn either-(though I believe they're worth it) they're on sale pretty regularly. I paid $250 for my red one on amazon with free shipping, and my dad paid $160 for his charcoal grey one at Wally World which was a farkin steal. Keep eyes peeled and you'll find a good price.

Edit- as bbq disciple stated above, buy yourself a weber replacement charcoal grate for the 22.5 kettle. It allows you to set up for indirect cookin or bring the coals right up under the main grate for super hot searing. They sell a special stone for this, but IMO the grate is better as it gives more cooking setup options.
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