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Originally Posted by TrueBlueEagle View Post
Since the question is more for grilling than smoking, I dont really see how the WSM is an option? If he's going to be smoking "occasionally" the akorn does that fine, plus he has his large pellet cooker. I have a kettle and an Akorn and pretty much only use the akorn if I'm cooking a keilbasa for myself or something dumbly simple. I've cooked pizza's and steaks at 600F + and maintained 225-250 for 10-15 hrs with no issue, regardless of outside temperature. In terms of quality, yes chargrillers offsets are chit, but they actually went an extra mile on the akorn and if you have anything wrong just email them a pic and they'll replace it.

I'll throw up some pics of stuff that came off the akorn in hopes of convincing you!

BTW, you can't beat the moisture in your meats that come off a kamado!
THANKS, Yes majority of my smoking/grilling will be on my Yoder, I just wanted to get something to have, so I can occasionaly get that chrcoal/wood smell on the deck, to throw a rack of ribs on to smoke, or to fire up a steak or or burgers. As I paid top dollor for my pellet smoker, just looking at an inexpensive option which involves charcoal/wood smoking.. The Akorn sounds like they way I'm going to go!!
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