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Originally Posted by slat
I know most of us use the 3-2-1 method for ribs at home so we have fall off the bone ribs. What do you guys that compete do? Any method or trick you use to get the ribs KCBS style?

Take my limited experience with a large grain of sea salt, but ....

We actually did basically do a 3-2-1 in our last comp, and made 2nd in ribs, in a small (<20) informal field. (It was probably closer to 3-2- and then .5 back in smoke)

Here is why i think you(we) can do it:
a) we are talking trimmed spares, not babybacks
b) we run the pit pretty low (220ish)
c) the ribs will set up a little, as long as they are not falling of the bone as you cut and box them. Make sure your knife will cut, and not tear, the ribs.
d) most importantly, you are probably cooking SEVERAL (at least) racks and turning in six(ish) wopping ribs. Your ribs will probably come from the middle of one of those racks, and will be less "falling off the bone" than end ribs from the same rack. You will also be able to choose from among several racks to find the ones that are done 'just right', and since they will not all cook up the same, this should provide some variety in doneness to select from.

Again, just my opinion, what do I know?
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