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The length that ribs pull back from the end of the bones does not always indiciate their level of doneness. Often my ribs pull after only three hours in the pit, but they are not tender enough to turn in. I check my ribs by pulling the last two bones apart. If they seperate very easily they are done. The level of resistance I get when I do this will determine how much longer they need to cook.

As for competition, my ribs cook at 275 for three hours. Then I foil them to finish. Usually they cook foiled for one hour. If you over cook them to the point of falling off the bone, open up the foil and let them cool down. Usually they will firm up. Also, you can remove them from the foil and put them back on the pit to firm up.

When considering your flavor profile for KCBS competition ribs, remember that the judges are only going to take one or two bites of your rib. Give them all of the flavor in those bites. Oh, and consider sweetening your ribs up for competition. The ribs I submit for competition I would never serve my friends and family. "Eaters" are completely different than my competition stuff.


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