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Originally Posted by cowgirl View Post
I was wondering about the "store bought" too. Would that be farmed venison?
I'm not familiar with any butchers in my area that carry venison at all....let alone a choice of cuts. (but then again everyone in my area hunts their own.)

I'd give him a call and see what cuts he has to offer.
Tenderloin is the best in my opinion, then backstrap, BUT all venison is mighty tasty if prepared right.
Originally Posted by bbqgeekess View Post
Well I didn't say "store bought" I said butcher. And what I really meant to say was Seigi's Sausage Factory on 81st & Sheridan in Tulsa, OK. They sell venison sausages there so I assume I could buy venison from them. They process deer there for hunters as well.

We were referring to "store bought" as opposed to hunted venison.
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