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Originally Posted by bshell7 View Post
First sorry I didn't look up this thread over the weekend or I would have responded to Pitmaster T who has no idea what he is talking about. For those not needing to read my response to him just go to the bottom paragraph for the update.

Getting flamed by someone that has made wild assumptions and has no direct knowledge of the deal was not my idea of what this forum was about. I posted this here, as have others who have had issues with vendors to see if someone could provide more color on the company or people. I'm in FL not TX so I do not know them beyond our dealings on this smoker. Thought maybe someone could offer some insight.

Sorry but there is life outside TX. I have no idea what this rodeo event is and didn't feel the need to research it to justify what PM was doing. I'm not following the FB page. OK there is a big event for them. Pete could have said that on the phone Monday - Something like "Sorry about the vent issue. We are all leaving for the rest of the week and nobody will be around to deal with this." While a lame excuse at least the level of expectation would have been set. Instead they just went dark.

Pitmaster T- I don't know you and have no idea why you feel the need to make assumptions about what did or didn't happen and assassinate my character here when you don't know me or have any knowledge of what took place. Feel free to call PM and ask them if I have been polite with Pete or Jud. Lets deal with facts not accusations.

I never said they were not at the event. I'm quite sure they were. What their guy Jud at the shop told me on Friday was they were at this rodeo and had no internet or cell service. I have never been to Reliant Park there but feel pretty confident that statement was intended to buy them time and and was not true. I was correct in that. Not once did I say or imply they were simply not there. I was sure that the statement about no phone/internet service was false. I guess you misunderstood...its ok I forgive you. I also have zero idea where you come up with the 2 week time frame. If you had spent just a little time looking at my post from a week ago where I showed the pics of the cooker still sitting in the crate you would clearly see that I just received on the 21st.

For the record I got it FRIDAY THE 21ST. I called them MONDAY the 24th. I got zero response despite being told he would call me back. I emailed and called again on Friday the 28th at which time I was told no one was at the shop and they had no cell or internet access at this rodeo. I was told it would take 2 weeks to get me a new door. There was no point being ugly to the guy I spoke with, he was just the one left behind to answer the phone. I asked to be called back and left my number. I emailed Victor and Pete about the situation and yes I actually told them I was disappointed in their customer service. Oh the humanity of being so direct. I probably caused hurt feelings.

It was at that point that I turned to the forum to see if this was typical from them or if anyone else had any issues. Please re-read what I wrote. It is factual and also repeatedly speaks to the quality of the product. It was not as supportive of the customer service. How is it that I'm impatient about not getting a call back all week? Is that the service we all think is normal especially after the vendor created a problem?

I have no idea what you are talking about regarding everyone else crapping on them. The only person here crapping is you Pitmaster T. Cyber Bully all you want, I think you are childish. The funny part to me is you have no idea what is really going on.

Everyone that has commented gave examples of their experiences with PM. I didn't blast their product. Actually the contary, it is a GREAT PRODUCT. Please throw in some names if that will make you feel better since you insulted my intelligence, integrity and character all because I asked if anyone else had a bad experience. Wow. Not sure what the whole yoga pants reference is but someone needs to take their Prozac and chill out. You are way more worked up about this than I am and its my money and my cooker. I'll ask again for you to find any slanderous comments in my posts. If others have had poor experience and shared those that's not my fault. Hornnumb2- has had similar communications issues with them.

Now sorry for the rest of you for having to suffer through that.

The entire reason I logged on was to post the update as promised: Pete called me today and said they would make a new door. Said their phones and internet were all down today and gave me his cell number. When asked about the time frame he said they should be able to get it out this week. So definitely a step in the right direction. Lets see how it plays out.
Having been to HLSR, I'd say that it's fair to say that cell service can be non existent frequently. I don't think that was BS, having experienced it myself. Having seen their tent I also understand how busy they are, how long their days run, and how the don't have enough time to give everyone the attention they want. I'd chalk it up to bad timing and give them another shot to make things right, and understand that just because the weekend is over, they may not be back to normal hours and staffing yet.
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