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Originally Posted by Pitmaster T View Post
Okay, remember how you said you didn't want to be a dxck about this? I totally agree with you.

On this again... the charge that they are not at this event. You have essentially said this twice... the first time someone came in here and defended that maybe you meant "hot zone" cell wise. But apparently, you just don't believe they are there at all... so... its not about cell phones is it?

Attachment 92140
Actual Picture from the morning of Thursday the 27th... on KHOU I think... ready to go... after three days of preparation.

Now you come in and make the charge again-- after Neil and Ron showed you their damn link showing you where they were. That makes you what I thought you were in the first place... someone who wants to snap their fingers and when they don't get their way on THEIR time schedule they are going to cause trouble for a great vendor without giving them the chance to make things right.

Next you admit YOU HAVE BEEN CALLING THEM SINCE MONDAY AND YOU HAVE BEEN NICE TO THEM???? I could have sworn this was a 2 week process when I read it. I just assumed... I never dreamed you would be this way.

Lets look at PM schedule... in which the HLSSR is the pinnacle of their year. Not Christmas, not family vacation --- this show.

On Feb 20th they were on Nightline. That was last Thursday... then off to the show....

Then on Feb 25th they were already there setting up (these things take a lot of time - kind of like a BBQ competition on steroids)

I know a buddy that does the show and many of the biggest vendors set up starting Monday.

This guy is not setting up some 4 by 4 foot tent....

That was the 26th.... Wednesday. If you have some integrity and deductive reasoning you might be able to realize that a set up like that, with bar, laser freaking lights and food and sound takes a few days to set up.

You were invited to look for yourself. All you have done is lambaste a pretty good vendor and talent in the industry... over not calling you back during THE busiest time and most rewarding time of this guys entire career.

That makes you what you call yourself in my book.

So now that everyone else has come in here and pretty much crapped on George and Victor... try and stuff it back on the box when he makes things right for you.

I did something similar once but that guy literally told me he would not fix my Stoker and I had it on tape. Months had gone by.

I hope someone calls you for something when and if you ever make it to another competition.... calls you on a Friday as you are setting up or out of range... and then try to destroy your livelihood claiming you were hiding from them.

And if any of you think this should keep you from buying his product.... well I think he is going to be just fine with about 6 less PIAes after his KHOU and Nightline appearance.
Thanks for the update, but I think you are embellishing.... unless you can post more pics of yoga pants.
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