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I bought a concession trailer a year ago. I wish I had the opportunity to rebuild it. My suggestions:

-Buy as big of a trailer as you can afford. You'll wish you had more space later. Mine is 22' (8' porch) and I would kill for another 4 feet in there.
-Buy as big of a cooker as you can afford! I bought a cadillac cooker 36x72 but I REALLY should have got the next size up, with the stacked rotisserie racks. Effectively doubles the space and only takes up an extra 1' of the length of the trailer. (I highly recommend this brand, and they are pretty reasonably priced)
-Have the manufacturer rough in the wiring for every piece of equipment you may put in down the line (your budget probably won't permit everything going in at the start). Range hood, AC, cooker on the back, hot water heater, water pump, etc. Also rough in all the propane lines to the equipment.
-Put in 1 door only, to the porch of the trailer. I wish I could get the space back where I put in my 2nd door.
-Get the proper sliding glass window instead of the pop-up one. You can forget about heat / ac with that damn thing.

I got mine from Freedom Trailers through Cole's RV. The dealer was a nightmare, I wouldn't use 'em. The trailer from Freedom showed very poor craftsmanship, but they were the lowest bidder. I hear diamond trailers (also south georgia) has a solid warranty.
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