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For a Hot and Fast Pork butt, I do several things differently than low and slow.

1. I trim almost all the exterior fat off.

2. I will wrap the pork butt once it gets to the color I want. The picture below is just a tad darker than I want. I got to it a little late. Some of my pork butts don't get wrapped because they don't get darker than the color I want.

The next steps I do with all my pork butts.

I consider the pork butt done when you wiggle the bone and the meat releases it.

If you have wrapped the pork butt, open the foil/butcher paper and let it vent for 15-20 mins. If you did not wrap it, let it rest ontop of some foil/butcher paper for 15-20mins to vent off the heat and stop the cooking process. After the 15-20mins of venting, wrap tightly and allow it to rest for minimum 2 hours.

After I pull the pork, I reintroduce the fat back into the meat to help it maintain some moisture when it is sitting on the table.
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