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Originally Posted by TooSaucedToPork View Post
Why do some people on here respond "take my class to find out" to specific process questions? Why answer at all?

I find it totally rude to cryptically answer a specific question, then pimp a class when asked to elaborate. I wish I could go back 15 years ago when we all shared info with each other and there were no expectations of payment

No offense meant y'all, I just miss the old days.
#1 Many people have spent lots of time and money practicing to find the answer and or paid for a class to find out the answers. Lots of new members wander in and want a free class out of the competition section. It's one thing to help out people in Q-talk with getting their backyard Q just right. It's another to come in and ask how to do everything in the comp section. I've helped plenty of people with what they should do to get ready for their first comp, helped plenty of new teams at comps, given away supplies, etc. I'm all for help but at some point there's a line IMO. Podge probably doesn't remember it but right before I first started competing I asked him where he bought his meat because he is a local team. He politely answered the question but many of his friends heckled me pretty good over it and honestly they probably should have. At some point it is a competition and you are there to win. There's asking for help and then there is wanting a free pass to go to the front of the line.

#2 Out of respect to those that offer classes I think it's wrong to go around and tell everyone what you learned while there.

Now that I've said this, chicken skin has been covered plenty of times and a simple search would have taken care of the question. If you can't search I believe it's because you didn't bother to donate to the site or you are to new. Either way you haven't paid your dues IMO.
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