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Originally Posted by GAdams005 View Post
I called them, they emailed me immediately requesting pictures which I sent right back. I didn't have pictures of the bowl though so as soon as I got off work I sent those pictures at 5:15, by 5:30 they returned the call saying the new parts were on the way.

Im hoping that all of the other parts are there, they all seem to be intact.

For those that asked it is the 18.5, I ordered it from Essex Technology through Amazon because they had the lowest price. 289 with free shipping if i remember correctly. No stores within an hour of me stock them from what i understand.
I know you already worked this out with Weber, and it was two weeks ago...BUT, if you didn't already let Amazon know, you should. They're also fantastic about dealing with damage in shipping/packaging. My wife ordered my smoker from Amazon as well as some accessories so I'd have everything I needed when she gave it to me - and they packaged some bags of wood chunks in the same box as a book on smoking. Scratched up the book and covered it in wood dust. They offered her the option of either a replacement at no cost, or a 40% refund. You already got the replacement part from Weber, but you might still be able to swing the 40% discount from Amazon for the inconvenience of it all... I wouldn't mind waiting for a replacement dome if I could get a WSM for 40% off
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