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Default WSM Dry-ish brisket BUT pull tender.....hmm??

For all you WSM users out there do you guys have success getting super moist brisket but super tender and collagen breakdown in the fibers at 300 smoking temp WITHOUT wrapping? In this video Aaron Franklin @ the 1:20 mark and on talks about sensitive fluctuations in his smoker and openly admits he quote "cranks these things to 320" and I'm assuming he's talking brisket due to high volume load and food getting done on time.

I've gotten to the point where I NOW am starting to understand that different cookers, wood, clean fire/dirty fire affect the end product.

My last 2 briskets i've done were really tender. Taking them off at around a 202-204 internal tempature in the thicker part of the flat there. Super pull tender and moist. My last brisket however when i took it out of the packaging (all packers by the way 12lbers) i noticed like 4 HUGE gashes from the factory!! So pissed! And it ended my brisket a little dry. Gashes in the point and flat! (someone at the factory must've not known what the hell they were doing)

Things IVE noticed personally...

1) Water in water pan to me does seem to help
2) Consistent fire cooks a lot faster than up and down up and down
3) salt and pepper rub 50/50 USING A WSM fat to the fire does dry the outside of the brisket quicker. Opting to rub down with a mix of mustard & pickle juice then a 2:1 ratio Pepper/Salt
4) Too many wood chunks/smoke could dry it out??
5) Too long in the cooker could dry it out despite water in pan, cause the fire is directly below in a WSM so 225-275 for 12-14 hours could dry it out.

My next brisket i'm gonna take the ^above^ into consideration, not wrap in butcher paper (but do spritz often) at a higher temp like 300. Right now I'm smoking at 250-275. OR was thinking of wrapping when the brisket starts developing that nice mahogany color to it and getting a little bit dry or dark around the edges i'll wrap in butcher paper till done.

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