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Originally Posted by VitaminQ
When I worked at a Little Caesars 17 years ago, they used a blend of Mozzerella and Muenster. That was, though, 17 years ago and in Oklahoma. YMMV.

The couple if times I've grilled pizza it's been a pretty quick affair, so I didn't want a lot of toppings to bog things down. I worry about the crust getting soggy, too, so I like to skip the sauce and just use some Roma tomatoes that I've salted for a while. An olive oil and garlic glaze with tomatoes, artichoke hearts,mushrooms, and mozzarella is pretty dang good. There's a local pie hole that does one with those toppings; they call it "Pizza of the Gods"

heres how I avoid the soggy crust..

Get pit up to 500.

I put the dough on the veggie/fish grill thingy(a porcelan grate with the holes in it, i'll take a pic).. grate is sprayed with pam and top of the tough is brushed lightly with olive oil. Reminder: During cooking, you MAY have to slightly and gently rotate the dough to reposition new spots over the holes to cook more evenly. Dont stretch the dough while its cooking! I do this with a small cookie sheet, slide it under, move half an inch and slide it out. I cook the dough just to the point where the bottom seems to have set, and is a little crusty, I brush the top with som eolive oil and flip it over, then brush the old bottom, now top with some sauce and continue to cook it until its near done..

Then i add hot(ok, very warm) sauce and toppings, and a thin layer of cheese.. Once the crust is done to my liking i add the rest of the cheese and move it to the top top top of the hot gasser grill, very top rack. Use a cookie sheet or piece of aluminum foil directly under the pie(on the grates) to offset any heat, OR, in my case since my warming rack is about halfway up the dome on my gasser, i put a baking pan upside down on that and put the pizza on top of the pan.. it raises the pie a few inches bringing it higher up in the lid and gets the radiant heat bouncing off the lid to melt and brown the cheese real fast with minimum effect on the bottom of the crust.

think this is another roadmap thread!!
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