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Originally Posted by CharredApron View Post
Un packed my Vision Kamado the other day to find a few things had gone wrong during the move. The firebox/bowl was in two pieces.

But I had ribs to cook and I would not be denied! After cleaning everything the best I could, I placed the two broken pieces back into the cooker and shimmed them with some terra cotta pots schards I broke up.

And got on the business end of the cooker!

My defuser broke before I moved and I kind of like it this way because I can use it either whole or in half for more flexibility.

Meanwhile back in the kitchen to prep my ribs.

I am a fan of the silverskin off league.

Then I rubbed them down lightly with Sesame Oil.

A fine dusting of Bovine Bold Rub

After resting a little time to go outside and get this show on the road!

I'll check back later, before dinner. Happy Sunday to y'all

Wondering in JB Weld or another high temp product could be used to mend this? I guess I would question fumes?

Looks like new gaskets are in order ... you must use that bad boy a lot !!

Good recovery and the ribs look great.
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