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Originally Posted by Chitown_hillbilly View Post
So pretty much this thread says "as long as it's made by Thermoworks, it's all good"

Originally Posted by boiler93 View Post
I'll have to pop on the pop for that price!
You won't be disappointed by any means. I think they are just as good as the thermapens. technically they are a tad slower and tad less accurate but the reality is they are still super fast and more than accurate enough for what is required for our cooking purposes.

Originally Posted by wjwheeler View Post
The ThermoPops work great. They are backlit and are $24. They take 5-6 seconds
to read. Thermoworks is a good reliable company.
And you can rotate the display to four different angles to view it right side up. No need to contort your neck or read upside down just because of your angle of attack. Not the biggest selling point of the thermapops but it really is a nice convenience feature to have over other models a few bucks less.

Also, since you to pay for shipping, make sure you're buying through the Thermoworks website to get the best shipping price. Those Amazon pages (while sold by Thermoworks) have more expensive shipping; you can get ground shipping for $2.99 on their site.
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