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Originally Posted by Samichlaus
Sounds great! I need to figure pizza out. Not much beats a good pie. What toppings are you using?
Had to enroll the Grandson in school tonight, get student ID, order yearbooks etc. So I went easy and simple, Canadian Bacon on one and pepperoni on the other.

I'm usually a Italian sausage, mushroom, onion, green pepper black olive kind of guy.

Best pies don't have too much total toppings and don't have the huge monolithic glob of mozzeralla on top either.

I like a blend of mozz, jack and cheddar, which I think is what Little Ceasar's uses. I like the cheddar because it browns up nice.

Cooked on a real hot stone as described above, I only precook the sausage, and use a fairly thin sauce as it really cooks a lot thru the crust.
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