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Default Outdoor Pizza Oven (gas grill)

Did pizza tonight for game food (game sucked, pizza was great). I've done pizza's directly on the gasser before by precooking the crust a bit and removing it, flipping it over, putting on the toppings......y'all know the drill.

Tonight I wanted to replicate my oven technique so I put 4 8" x 8" quarry tiles on the grill, with a 15" stone on top. Lit the center burner on low and let it all warm up for 30 mins. About 20 mins before I was ready to cook, I cranked all 3 burners on high and let it all get real hot, 800* according to the grill therm (I have no clue as to the accuracy of this). But it was over 500* I'm sure of that.

Used the parchment paper peel mod to get the pies on to the stone. The pies each cooked in 4 1/2 mins. Got great browning on the top, great crunch to the crust. Worked like a farkin' dream. Great oven spring, the crust rim puffed up like a balloon!

Got the camera out as we were cutting the pizza's and the batteries were dead sorry there's no pics. There aren't many leftovers either.
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