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Wow.... LOL.... LOL.....

That has to be one of the best stories I have heard in a long time... :) HAHAH I can just see you squeezing it and the blood flying everywhere, lecturing him on the safe temperatures of food!! Classic, for sure.... I have had a few tonight so I please disregard any odd writing...

The flavor of dry-aged beef is something amazing. Over time there is a 20% loss in weight due to water evaporation, which then concentrates that beefy flavor we all love. You also have lots of natural enzymes breaking down tissue slowly and allowing the meat to become incredibly tender. There is a noticeably less amount of juice in a dry aged steak, but each one I have had has been so damn tender and plenty juicy. Most all fine steak houses these days wet age their steaks, only a few use the lost art of dry aging. Although wet aged steaks do have the same great tenderness levels as a dry aged steak wet aged steaks can never match the concentration of beef flavor and intensity that a dry aged steak provides. Everyone that eats beef needs to try a Dry aged steak before casting opinions; it’s something truly amazing...
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