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Originally Posted by bbqjoe
I don't believe I have ever specifically ordered anything that was touted as dry aged, although it may have been.
I did once complain about some very nasty tasting meat once in a restaurant.
The cook came out and told me it was dry aged on the premisis, and there was nothing wrong with it.
Well if I couldn't eat it there was something wrong.
No compensation.
Never went back.
I had a similar issue at one of our local steak houses not too long ago. My wife and my son who's 2 years old, nearly three went to this place we've gone too many times before and gotten fair to average service. We ordered the special and got the steak cubes for our son. Our steaks were done exactly how we asked. My sons steak kobob was sent back twice to be recooked. The first time we got the food his was runny raw in the middle and cold. We sent it back. We got it back and this time, it was still nearly as red but this time I had to squeeze it to get the "juices" to come out. We asked for the manager and that SOB got cocky with me. I had to stand my ground at that point and got in his face and educated him on the proper cooking practices and handling of meat. Yes the steak would have been perfect if I were the one eating it but NOT for my 2 year old son. I told him that there was no guarantee that the meat even got hot enough internally to kill the bacteria. He asured me the mat was not raw. I squeezed a piece of the meat in from of him and the blood shot out onto his shirt. I asked him if that was a pecial suace they injected their meat with becuase it D@^n sure looked like "farking" blood to me. I then asked him if he even knew what the safe temperature for the cooking and handling of meat was and he couldn't give me an answer. Thanks to the food handling threads over the past months, I was able to give to him as soon as he hesitated. We were asked to leave and not be bothered with the bill. Needless to say, we won't be going back there.

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