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I have been waiting for a thread like this so that I can share some info on Dry-Aging beef at home. The method I use will cost about 150 dollars in specialized equipment and access to an extra freezer. I brew beer as another hobby and had most of this stuff lying around. This will produce commercial quality dry-aged beef that is sooooooo damn delicious. Here is a parts list of what is needed.
Clean out the entire freezer with bleach and sanitize everything. Hook up temperature controller and adjust the temp for 36 degrees. Hook humidifier, filled with distilled water to the humidity controller and set your humidity for 83%. Set an oscillating fan at each end for good airflow around where you will be placing the meat. Figure out what you will be placing your meat on as far as a rack. There needs to be even airflow around the cut of beef so a thin wire rack works best. Allow the system to run for a few days to monitor all settings and make proper adjustments. When ready, place your primal cut of meat on the wire shelves and allow to dry-age for 3-6 weeks. You will start to see some discoloration on the fat cap, this is normal and can be butchered off before cutting the primal into steaks. ONLY DRY AGE PRIMAL CUTS, CHOICE OR ABOVE WITH THICK FAT CAPS. This must always be your number one indicator of meat to dry-age. The thick fat cap allows the meat to age without being exposed to air thus spoiling the meat. My favorite cut to age is the short loin as it provides strips and the tenderloin. After removing from your home made locker be sure and butcher off the hard layer on the outside until you get to the nice colored meat inside. If you see red meat that has turned brown in small spots this can be butchered off if close to the fat cap. Dry-Aging isn’t for everyone but if you have tried a properly dry aged steak, the experience is next to orgasmic….. I will be glad to answer any questions you might have.
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