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I'll post my method. I'll probably get kicked off the boards for admitting this:

Step 1) Buy a full ribeye and have the butcher cut it into 1.5" steaks.
Step 2) Vacume seal 1 to a bag and stuff in the freezer.
Step 3) Come home from work and want a steak.
Step 4) Look at frozen steaks in the freezer.
Step 5) Take out frozen steak.
Step 6) Crank up charcoal grill and chimney starter.
Step 7) Lay out coals in the center of the grill and surround with mesquite chips.
Step 8 ) Place frozen steak on grill.
Step 9) Cover and go inside.
Step 10) Drink beer to make you forget what you're doing to that steak.
Step 11) Wait 10 minutes and then go out and flip the steak.
Step 12) Drink another beer.
Step 13) Wait 10 minutes and then go get the steak off the grill.
Step 14) Eat the Medium Well steak.
Step 15) Pray no brother sees you going this.
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