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We started pursuing 2 different avenues. First I called the local dept of health and found out what would make them happy to satisfy the caterers permit. After the initial call we had built a relationship with them. They are not all monsters looking to shut down your business. Some are helpful and pointed me in the right direction of events we should attend. At the same time we began to market our services to the larger more well known caterers in the area, why? Becuase they do not have the time, resources or skill to do real BBQ. Your product gives them something to offer that they couldn't previously. We sold our product to another caterer at wholesale during the summer for her events. This led to an opportunity where they wanted the smoker on site, so we jumped on the opportunity to show what we could do. The one thing you will have to be willing to do is to reinvest every dollar you make back into the business. It takes money to make money. Your first year plan on being a loss, do it right and it will probably be a big loss, like tax shelter big. There is money to be made but if you want to be around you have to build your brand, grow and sacrifice. Also surround yourself with good people. Customers are going to see, talk and interact with your staff well before they ever try the food. I am most uncomfortable talking about our accomplishments but in 2 years we have gone from an ez-up tent to a custom designed catering/concession trailer to our 1st restaurant. It has been a ton of sleepless nights, stress and good times. The events we do now are larger in scale then I would have dreamed. It is February 20th and starting april 12 through Sept 27th we have at least 1 event booked every weekend except for 3 weekends. Events and festivals now call us to be a part of their event. Our restaurant has been open 8 weeks, already have been approached by a property owner to open #2. Keep those fires burning and good luck.
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