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If you want a great burn, used forced air injection though your vent holes.. Shop vac exhaust comes to mind. Turns your UDS into a blast furnace.

Removable smoker box - I make my own sausage. Most of the sausage I make is at a "sausage party" every year. The advantage of the party is that we have 2 very modern 500lb capacity smokehouses available (they are the result of much research and evolution over decades). We have smoked as much as 3000lbs of sausage in a weekend. My idea was to use the UDS as a smoke generator for a 100lb capacity mini smokehouse. I would either use flexible hose to channel the smoke to the smokehouse from the chimney, or just put the smokehouse on top of the uds instead of a lid. Key to my design is using an electronic draft control - using a high tech smokehouse really spoils you.

fwiw the smokehouse master at our party has tried to convince me to get an old metal refrigerator to build out into my smokehouse. That said, I suspect I will stick with wood.
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