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Originally Posted by jcinadr View Post
I guess I need to move forward with the eternal quest of perfecting my UDS. My drum already has a very effective air intake diffuser, great fire basket and ash pan and a DigiQ II. I don't think any changes will really improve the quality of the cook...

1) improve air management system with CyberQ Wifi and a removable blower
2) improve convenience and mobility with casters or cart (currently sitting on bricks)
3) improve water management with water shedding lid (current lid holds water)
4) improve bbq'er attitude by adding bottle opener.
5) improve capacity by adding additional grid
6) improve capacity by adding removable smoker box (for making smoked sausage)
6) improve aesthetics with powdercoat

So many little things to make life better.
Curious about the removable smoker box. I just completed a uds and have two smokes thru it. I would love to know how to use for smoking sausage.
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