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What they forget to mention is that proper (and safe)dry aging requires a more controlled environment than we have at home. First off it takes 10-28 days. Temps must be between 32 and 36 degrees and humidity at about 85% to control the abount of water losss and inhibit bacterial growth. Temp variations are a bad thing, so it cant be done in the kitchen fridge, and even in your beer fridge, openeing and closing it will effect the process. Good airflow around the entire hunk is also helpful, which means it should be hung or stood up. Unless its really thick, Single steaks are difficult to dry age becase they get that "off" flavor through the face of the meat. On a larger primal, that nasty stuff is only on edges and cut off before cooking. Due to the evaporation(and drainage) of the juices, dry aging concentrates the beef flavor(like reducing a sauce or glaze) and the natural enzymens in the beef begin to break down connective tissue(read decay ) to make things more tender. The tenderizing part happens at the tail end of the first 2 weeks, so if you try it, 10-14 days is the minimum. I have done it at home to some extent, with mixed results, nothing to write home about.. I been meaning to try it in a friends restaurant walk in box which may behave better than the beer fridge. But.. that hasnt happened yet. May be better left to the experts.
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