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Originally Posted by willkat98

If I may be so bold...

Can you look at the link I posted to your 600 Degrees thread (really 700 in the hot spot per your report) and read what you just posted on tonights cook.

Although you didnt get smoke penetration, is there anything from thread #1 to this thread you would change to get better results?

I skipped using foil on the grate to wait to bring the grill up to temp in place of an inverted baking sheet. Don't know the temp, but the grates are glowing.

But I practice 1nce a year at best,

I know you do more, and might do more now as you are on a "bender"

Thanks for posting the pics

Edit: This thread will quickly become a Roadmap thread once everyone chimes in. I'm interested in Phils response, plus Midnight or Neils 2 cents (same Northern cooking conditions as me mod)


The hight temp technique I used in the BYC is more like wood roasting. The flavors are great, but the smoke flavor is very light. Its more like rotiserre flavor.. Works well on steaks too, but wasnt what i was trying to do tonight. I figured by starting at lower temps, and heavier smoke, the meat would absorb some smoke prior to the grilling, but that did not seem to happen. it tasted like a grilled steak, while the roasting technique definately has more smoke flavor, but the end product still has hints of low and slow BBQ... including a bit of smoke ring. The steak at the restaurant had none.. I was even wondering tonight if they cheated with a smoky rub or even(cringe) liquid smoke rubbed lightly on it. I like the high temp technique, but the end result, although excellent, is different from what i was trying to duplicate.

I think maybe a cold steak(mine was room temp), at 200 in smoke for a little longer and maybe allowing it to start to cook in the chamber a bit. The steaks tonight were still raw when i moved them to the grate. The next change will be longer smoke, higher internal temp before grilling.

then again.. u may be on to something.. High temp in the hot spot and quick stint on the grill may just be it.. I have done it before.. that technique may just need some "steak" tweaking.. i only did steaks a couple of times, usually chicken and roasts are usually along side the steaks and they get the attention.. there may be something in that technique.. An 800+ degree offset hotspot is achievable with mesquite and oak(or apple). Thats worth a try too.

the thing is.. this started with the Steak at the Salt Island restaurant.. they dont go thru this when they cook it.. My steaks tonight took about 45-50 minutes... at S.I... they are at your table 15-20 minutes after u order it. There is a trick somewhere.
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