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Default What would you like in a cabinet smoker

I have just finished building my backwoods style insulated reverse flow cabinet smoker and I have learned a lot of lessons along the way and I think I can knock them out in less than half the time it took me to build and now I am considering building a few of them to sell.

The design I am going to start with will be powder coated and made with 16g cold rolled steel inside and out and will weigh in at under 225lbs. It will have 5 16x24 slide out racks spaced 3" apart (1-1/2" is possible) and be able to fit a full size hotel pans, slam latches for both doors, lift off doors to reduce weight for transport, a stainless removable water pan that can be filled without opening the doors, flush mount damper on the side and a built in flush mount guru port (no adapter necessary). It will also have a large charcoal basket that should be able to burn for at least 12-16 hours

What I want from you is suggestions on what kind of features you would like to have built into one?
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