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Originally Posted by kcquer
I agree with 1 1/2" minimum, when I can catch the butcher cutting, I have him cut them at 2".

I don't have a very functional charcoal grill set up so I have to go with the gasser. The "new" gasser doesn't heat up like the old cheapy with lava rocks so I do the best I can by preheating with a sheet of HD foil over the cooking grates. I cook over the hottest spots for about 90 sec per side twice to get the nice "crosshatch grillmarks" then kill all the heat except what's heating the cherry and/or hickory chunks.
Steaks go indirect with the smoke until they feel like med-rare when given the finger.
Rest for 5-7 mins while I prep my baked potato and dress my salad.

Then I eat tooo dammed much, then I sit on my ass tooo much and grin like Buddah
kc, I have done the exact same thing with my gasser too. As to thickness of cut, I generally buy a cryovacked primal of either NY strip or ribeye and cut it into steaks myslelf. I cut 2 inch steaks, wrap them individuallly, and freeze after vacu-sucking. Always a good meal just a defrost and a hot grill away.
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