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Default Please accept this Official Entry into the "Appetizer Three-Way!" TD.

This is my entry titled, "MOINKS, smoked onions and potato skins".

MOINKS was the easy appetizer to figure out. To compliment I decided to make potato skins from leftover baked potatoes. I wanted to balance the protein and carb with a veg but wanted to do something "different" so I invented brined and smoked onions. Well, I invented it as far as I know. Made a brine with 2 tbsp of salt and black pepper mix and 2 tbsp of pickling spice. Let it sit on the counter about 8 hours.

Made MOINKS with traditionally-raised ground beef, ground pickling spice, worcestershire sauce, powdered onion & garlic, raw sea salt and steel cut oats. I liked the idea of carrying the pickling spice flavours from the onions to the moinks. I noticed Pitmaster T mentioned MOINKS were made from frozen meatballs a few days ago on a thread. I thought about it and agreed because the frozen (and in my case uncooked) centre would give the bacon more time to crisp. Good idea. Off my meatballs went to the freezer. Not so easy to put toothpicks in frozen meatballs, though! I could just get them poked superficially so 30 minutes into smoking I ran out and poked them properly.

Out from the deep freeze.

What can you do different with potato skins? I walked over to Carol to see what she thought and she said bacon. Well, bacon is pretty standard, but, I recently made my own bacon. My pork belly had a lot of fat so I chop the bacon fine and use it to fry and flavour things. The first thing I made with my homemade bacon was fried potatoes, onions and egg. I was blown over by the flavour, it was incredible. Could I not do something like that for a potato skin? Why not! The pieces of bacon are direct from the freezer so they don't show how lovely they really are. Scooped the baked potatoes and chopped them fine then added to the pan. All that deliciousness went into the potato skins to smoke up some more flavour.

Everybody in the pit!

Please use the photo directly below for voting.

I wasn't happy with the colour of the bacon on the MOINKS so I brushed on some melted honey and garlic powder. Really loved the colour and crunch that created. The potato skin was packed with flavour and so much like that breakfast. I tried the onion and it tasted off, out of balance. Added salt and rich flavour bloomed from it that tasted great against the amber ale's bitter and citrus notes. The experiment was a success and new flavours abound.

Thanks for looking.
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