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Originally Posted by BBQchef33
Trout.. I thought about this when i first got the steak.... the first thing i noticed was the lack of a hard seer on Salt islands steak. The outside was slightly seered but still soft. Maybe they quick seer and then cook slower in a cooler spot. I dont think am (extended) high (>800*) temp cook would have allowed the great smoke penetration. It wasnt one of those charred outside, pink inside styles that I (try to) do at home. Dont know what they did, but they did it right. Next time, we need to stand next to the grill and watch.

On a possible thread split...

Have you tried to grill steaks over a heavy bed of mesquite, oak or hickory coals.?? not charcoal, but all wood chunks, several inches thick... maybe with some lump??

My gasser wont get over 700-800* either... but I have sucessfully gotten some real heavy seers with a heavy wood coalbed in my kettle or BYC fireboxn. Takes a while to burn down the wood and the fire is BIG to start with. Then it cooks the steaks in a few minutes with a hard char outside, pink or red inside.... not saying its what S.I. does.. its my at home technique. I was always of the school of cook thick steaks fast and hard. Think i may try the close up quick hard seer, then raise the grill way up to the top to finish and see what happens.
From what I understand the places like S-I and Gibsons will put the smoke on first then place it in the HOT!!!! area, this gets the flavor and then the char. I like a heavy char and rare others in the family like their burnt. I really don't know how they do it because I have never been able to get the heat up that high and two I have never been invited into the "back room" to watch them grill my steak.
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