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Default powdercoating

Stupid question for the most part, but curious what people's experience with powder-coating is. I know price is very dependent on the shop. But how am curious how much it has run people and if they think it was worth it.

Second issue is even more personal. My current UDS is about 3 years old. It has a decent bit of rust showing through the factory paint. Is it worth cleaning up, or should I just grab a new drum and start from scratch.

Thinking about it because it needs some minor repairs anyway. I had been using it with a BBQ Guru (worked phenomenally), but I upgraded to an BGE this summer and have ignored my poor old ugly drum. Unfortunately after 6 months of Egging, I think the drum simply smokes better. My drum was a great stick-burner, and sticks make better smoke. I tried to test that 2 weeks ago, but only found out that I needed to rework the drums plumbing. My blower was apparently killed by ant (opened it up to see quite a bit of wire insulation missing - next time will remove the blower between cooks). The shorted fan in turn blew out the relay in my Guru brains. No frustration with BBQ Guru - my own fault for leaving my blower out and not examining it for damage.

Wanted a CyberQ Wifi anyway... But it would look better on a powder coated drum (especially if it is going to sit besides my egg).
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