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Originally Posted by BBQchef33
Have you tried to grill steaks over a heavy bed of mesquite, oak or hickory coals.?? not charcoal, but all wood chunks, several inches thick... maybe with some lump??

My gasser wont get over 700-800* either... but I have sucessfully gotten some real heavy seers with a heavy wood coalbed in my kettle or BYC fireboxn. Takes a while to burn down the wood and the fire is BIG to start with. Then it cooks the steaks in a few minutes with a hard char outside, pink or red inside.... not saying its what S.I. does.. its my at home technique. I was always of the school of cook thick steaks fast and hard. Think i may try the close up quick hard seer, then raise the grill way up to the top to finish and see what happens.
I prefer steaks cooked over mesquite so I do it regularly. It's better to have a lot of meat to cook 'cause you burn a lot of wood for only a few minutes of grilling!

Also, the thicker steaks are better suited to the hot farking fire you're going to get. I'd recommend you get them at least an inch thick, if not thicker, then sear those bad boys on a flameless bed of 'squite coals. Man, makes me drool thinking about it...
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