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Originally Posted by Trout_man22
R-C is trash can food compared to Gibsons and Salt Island. Salt Island is also one of the few places that the OL will get sea food. The problem with most place are that they don't use enough heat. At Gibsons the grills are burning at 1500 to 1800. I did not check Salt Island but they must be in the ++1500 range.

I'm lucky to get into the 800 range to cook my steaks, they are more like mistakes, when you compare them.
Trout.. I thought about this when i first got the steak.... the first thing i noticed was the lack of a hard seer on Salt islands steak. The outside was slightly seered but still soft. Maybe they quick seer and then cook slower in a cooler spot. I dont think am (extended) high (>800*) temp cook would have allowed the great smoke penetration. It wasnt one of those charred outside, pink inside styles that I (try to) do at home. Dont know what they did, but they did it right. Next time, we need to stand next to the grill and watch.

On a possible thread split...

Have you tried to grill steaks over a heavy bed of mesquite, oak or hickory coals.?? not charcoal, but all wood chunks, several inches thick... maybe with some lump??

My gasser wont get over 700-800* either... but I have sucessfully gotten some real heavy seers with a heavy wood coalbed in my kettle or BYC fireboxn. Takes a while to burn down the wood and the fire is BIG to start with. Then it cooks the steaks in a few minutes with a hard char outside, pink or red inside.... not saying its what S.I. does.. its my at home technique. I was always of the school of cook thick steaks fast and hard. Think i may try the close up quick hard seer, then raise the grill way up to the top to finish and see what happens.
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