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Originally Posted by daninnewjersey View Post
That looks really good. Have always wanted to try jerk pork. Care to share any details on your dry jerk rub?
Sure. The first 4 ingrediants are the most important with the first being critical. You will use alot of allspice. The first 4 will be about 45 percent of the total volume of the rub...with allspice being half that or thereabouts. I never meassure anything but rather go by taste....and I am always adding more allspice at the end to make it taste right. Also add in a variety of different grinds of allspice so you have dust, chunks and everything inbetween. As far as the amount of salt goes....I go with the amount or taste that I would use to dust cooked food.

whole allspice berries ground fresh in a mortar and pestle
cloves ground in mortar and pestle
peppercorns ground in mortar and pestle
garlic granulated
onion dehydrated and ground in mortar and pestle
chipolte powder
scotch bonnet or habanero powder...not too much here
smallish amount of paprika

Rub into chicken or pork and let sit in the fridge for 2 days on the chicken and 3 on the pork. When I get around to doing a proper jerk cook I'll detail the cook and do some measurements.

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