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Originally Posted by cmwr View Post
I scored several open head drums today with clamps no dents no rust no liners had corn in them. Buddy of mine had 3 of them sitting beside his garage empty and told me i could trade him my closed head drums for his open heads a drum for a drum. Yay!! Now I don't have to find a weber lid. Nice thing about these drums compared to my old smoker is that the lids fit snug but lift off easily without having to yank upward hard.

With a flat lid and dual racks the bottom rack is gonna have to be a lot closer to the fire basket than the top rack. This is the main reason I started inquiring about diffusers. I was afraid my lower rack would be so close to the basket that without a diffuser I would burn meat for sure. is this true that a diffuser must be used for meat on a lower rack? I guesstimate that the lower rack will be about the height of the second ring on the drum (second from bottom). I am not sure whether I will put the support bolts above or below this ring.

I sometimes wonder how a diffuser blocks the direct heat when everyones diffusers have so many holes cut in them. Help me understand this theory.
The only thing in between my charcoal basket and the cooking grate in my little mini which is only maybe 8" away is the steamer pan that comes in the tamale pot and it does just fine so that should give you an idea.

When you think about the word "diffuse" that's what they do. I like to call it a blended heat because it's not direct and it's not indirect.

I do the diffuser in the mini, my Jumbo mini and my UDS....You'll have zero issues having multiple racks in the UDS with the flat lid.
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