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Originally Posted by Pyle's BBQ View Post
Which Menard's in Des Moines were those at? My Yoder was delivered today and I will be burning it out tomorrow and throwing something on it. They sent 2 bags of hickory BBQer's Delight. I'll use those first.
On another note. I met a guy from Norwalk that is making pellets locally. I talked to him about his process. He doesn't use any oil when he makes his pellets. He said that he doesn't need oil. His price was on the high side. He quoted me $.60/# even if I picked them up in bulk. I'll have to work on him for a better price.

Let me know if you need some we could work out a bulk buy.
This was at the SE 14th location. I assume the others are the same, but I haven't actually looked.

I guess I haven't actually said what I'm using these for. I just use the pellets in my AMNPS for cold smoking. All this talk of buying in bulk is sort of funny to me since the 40lb bag is very bulk for my use.
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