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Default New Charcoal ?

I haven't needed charcoal as I stocked up on KB during the last sale, but I happened to pass by a display in HD the other day. Ember in 16lb. bags priced slightly lower that the two, twenty Lb. of KB

So I bought two and used them yesterday for a Brisket. I packed the WSM as usual and fired her up with my weed burner. Had a good start in about ten minutes so I put the meat on as usual. Usual brisket for me is injected, rub, and sit overnight. Then into a foil pan. Try it, it works!

Temps came up to 230 and stayed there! No adjusting vents, she ran like I had a Guru attached. I went on errands for four hours and came back to temp at 237. Not bad.

OK this is supposed to be about charcoal. This stuff seems to burn better than anything I have used lately. The briquetts are clean, meaning no dust, period. Not even in the bottom of the bag!

I pulled the brisket after ten hours only because the weather was looking bad. But after looking at the fire, I figure there was enough unburned left to last another four hours. I have never gotten a burn like that, ever!

Needless to say, I will be using Ember again.

Oh yeah, the brisket; I would rate it about 9.5. Sorry no pron.
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