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Default Shredded Rib Sammich And Some Hurry-Up Jerk Pork

Had the day off and no real plan for bbq till about 10.30am when I headed over to the grocery store with vague plans of chicken. Did ribs yesterday so chicken seemed like a good idea....till nothing really struck me in the poultry section. The pork section however had butts on sale and a boneless one had a nice money muscle that was calling to me. So without my customary 2-3 day dry rub option for jerk I went with a wet store bought version put out by the folks at Walkerswood:

It is okay but my dry rub is beauty. I put it in a marinade container that came with my vacuum sealer and covered it with about 6 tbsp of the paste and some coarse salt then sucked the air out. It was in the fridge for about 40 minutes and on the counter for about 1.5 hrs before hitting the WSM at 275f or so. No water in the pan just foiled fire bricks. Crust formed at about 3 hours very nice and water went in the pan and spritzing with water/apple juice began every now and again. The WSM is new to me a month ago and I am still tinkering with it. Temps ran from 260f to 280f at the end with the majority of the cook happening around 270f.

Had a bunch of chine bone shred from yesterdays cook so my lunch today was some Teague's Hot mixed with cider vinegar and Tiger Sauce and the shred:

On a soft burger bun toasted:

The butt cooked for about 8 hours the maverick read 192f when I pulled is 2f over when tested in boiling water. Right now the butt is foiled and toweled. I left it uncovered for about 10 minutes so as not to steam it too much when foiled. Can't wait to cut into this sucker...haven't excersised my cooks rights with this one at all yet:

After I eat I'll add a money shot.
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