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actually I'm using the old weber ash catcher on the inside to keep the heat from shooting straight out the top vents, I've got it adjusted so that there's a 1/4" gap around the circumference, don't know if it makes a difference or not but it gives me good feelie feelies....
this is how I currently have the outer chimney and rain guard....I used a 1/4" all thread rod to bolt it all together as one unit...
works well....

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Thanks for the response. Another question after looking at the additional pics that were in the links you posted. I assume the ash catcher that you mounted to the inside of the kettle bottom serves as a rain deflector not as a vent shut off correct? in the latest links, I don't see the rain cap that was shown in the previous links. Do you just have the vent sitting on top of the kettle bottom?

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