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Well, we pulled it off.

8 13-15lbs packers and 4 shoulders.
I fit them all into my 2 WMSs (one with an extra tier) and a friend's offset.
Smoked from 8:30PM to 2:30AM then moved them to two ovens at the church.
I got to sleep 4 hours, shower and prep for the event and by the time I pulled it all
out at 10AM and let it settle, it was just right for slicing and serving in time for the noon crowd.

The only issue I ran into was the foil on one or two of the packs leaking and causing a messy pool of juice at
the bottom of one of the ovens. It took a while to clean that up, but the whole church smelled like BBQ for the
rest of the day. Fortunately, that is considered a good thing around here.
Just a guy who smells like a campfire and a couple of WSMs
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