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I've only used the plow blade a few times, no point of reference regarding
thinner metal....I soon discarded the diffuser altogether....saw no need for it...

each rack is separate and stands upon the one below...pull one rack up and off to access the lower, etc....

for the very bottom rack there are three horizontal eye bolts
to sit upon attached to the side of the drum, and yes the entire rack system is very sturdy, I've had eighty pounds total of shoulders cooking, forty pounds per, on the two upper racks...

click these for further info....

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Does the fuel increase with a thicker diffuser or ANY diffuser and why?

I like that rack setup although I got to admit it looks like it may be kinda awkward removing big chunks of meat from the lower racks as you have to slide it out instead of lift it straight up. So I take it you have one set of bolts down lower that holds the entire stack? Is it solid or kinda wobbly?
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